Novels by Mike Hogan


Aside from my Sherlock Holmes novels and short stories, I have written a semi-autobiographical novel  about a boy growing up in a Catholic family in the shadow of the Old Vic Theatre in South London, the first novel of a trilogy set in Rome in 475 AD and a farce based on the aftermath of the Trump administration.

HAMLET AND ME 2018.jpg

Mikey Cleary is a bright boy from a working class, Anglo-Irish family who lives in a confusion of worlds, each with its own senseless rules and bizarre inhabitants.
Why does police sergeant 'Killer' Wells chase Jim the Bookie and never catch him? Why won't Mikey's father talk about the War? The streets around Mikey's house were flattened by the German bombers just twenty years before and everyone is obsessed with the War, but Mikey's dad won't talk about it; he won't even tell his son how he won his gold medal.
Hamlet & Me is a darkly comic story in which young Mikey faces crises at home, at his new school and at the Old Vic theatre where Peter O’Toole is playing a reluctant Hamlet under the irascible direction of Laurence Olivier. The novel is set in London in October 1963, during a week in which Mikey’s granny dies, the National Theatre is born and Mikey learns important lessons in tolerance, understanding and loyalty from the characters he meets in the streets surrounding his home, the local street market and the theatre.


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AD 475


The Roman Empire, officially Christian, is split. Eastern Rome ruled from Constantinople by usurper Basiliscus and

Western Rome  ruled by Julius Nepos in Ravenna, well away from the urban chaos of the once glorious, but now mouldering Eternal City.

In Rome, the Sicilians, a grass-roots movement pledged to do away with silken-robed clergy and return the Church to its revolutionary origins, attack the rich, who they accuse of pagan beliefs and practices.

The Pope determines to stamp out the terrorists and bring Constantinople to heel as an ecclesiastical vassal of Rome. Romulus, the son of the magister militum, the general of Rome's armies, caught in the conflict, flees for his life, aided by his tutor Myrthyn and a troupe of slave litter bearers.


I wrote this riff on American politics (and the mortuary industry) just before the election for president of the United States won by Donald Trump. I never expected to have to revise it to include a Trump presidency. In fact the setting is now after Trump has been removed from office. It's a farce, and not to be taken seriously.


Trump is dragged screaming from the Oval Office and House Speaker Jack Gould is just a cocktail olive from the presidency in a comedy comprehensively offensive to the US Congress, American Western heritage, GLTBQ supporters and members of the mortuary industry, and a bit raunchy. First published before the Trump win (who would have guessed?) as Neon Martini.